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9th December 2008

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This gallery has everything.

By that I mean that it has many choices of viewing the photographs.

The top row of thumbnail images, which are the actual size images scaled down using CSS, can be scrolled left and right by positioning the mouse at the left or right of the line (between the red arrows). You can then click on any image to see the full size below.

The image number is displayed in the 'control line box'.

You can click the 'Next' image icon to display the next image in the sequence or the 'Previous' icon to view the previous image. These icons will be blanked when you reach the first or last image.

You can click the 'Play' icon to auto play the images which will loop back to the first image when it reaches the last image. To stop auto play just click the icon again.

All the functions work even when auto play is on. You can scroll the top thumbnails and click any image, which will cause auto play to jump to that image or use the left/right icons to move auto play back or forwards one image.

You will need a copy of  jQuery to be able to use this slideshow.

If you would like a copy of this demonstration then please email me and make a donation to support stunicholls.com, every little helps to keep this site up and running.