Multi page v2

23rd January 2008

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With the popularity of my previous multi-page gallery demonstrations I have had feedback from many users asking for the facility to have some descriptive text to accompany each large image and also several requests for a method of having a further clickable area to show an even bigger image on another page.

Well this demonstration covers both these requirements.

As with the previous version you can select from three different sets of images, this can be expanded to as many as you like but the more images there are the more the page load time goes up. You can then click on any of the thumbnail images to see a larger image and there will be a line of descriptive text to accompany each large image in the bottom border of the 'projector screen'.

This descriptive text can conatin links to external or internal pages or, as in the case of the first two images of set 1, you can have a link to an even larger image.

This multi page gallery has the following features.

  1. Has a default gallery shown on page entry.
  2. Can be expanded to have as many pages as you like.
  3. Clicking a set number will keep that set on screen until another set number is clicked.
  4. Clicking a thumbnail image will show the full size image centrally on the screen area together with a line of text and or links.
  5. Links in the descriptive text will not affect the working of the gallery.
  6. Clicking the large image will shrink it back to a thumbnail.
  7. The full size image will stay selected when you click onto another page then return to the same page.

All this is achieved with just an unordered list.

Tested IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari (PC) and Opera.

Please email me, stu{at}, for a copy of the zip file, stating if this is for personal 'non-profit' or commercial use. Please see the Terms of use for this demonstration.