Pro dropline v5

14th May 2008

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For the many people who have asked, this menu is based on the previous one but uses hover instead of click to open (and keep) open a sub menu. With the top level and the dropline centered within the containing div. Using hovers instead of click will allow the top levels to have links.

The top level and dropline levels are of unknown lengths and the links can be any width.

Just hover over a top level item to drop down the associated sub line. The top level will stay black to show that it has been selected. Hover the same item to close the sub list or a different top level item to close the current sub level and open a new one. 'Home' and 'Privacy policy' do not have sub levels.

I have also added the ability to have a selected top level open on page entry, which is demonstrated in this menu where 'Sales' is selected on page entry.

Tested in IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera and Safari (PC).


If you would like a copy of all the files for this menu just email me stating if this is for personal or commercial use.

Please see my 'Terms of use', especially for commercial or for-profit use.