html5 video player with playlist

6th November 2013

The Boxtrolls - Trailer

Planes - Playlist

Break The Ice

Iron Compass

Many Adventures


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CSSplay-er v2.0 is a rework of the original version CSSplay-er v1.0 posted on
This version is for the future and as such has dropped the support for IE6, IE7 and IE8. The controls have been reduced to just 'play/pause' and fullscreen (for supporting browsers).

CSSplay-er v2.0 is also responsive, has support for playlists and uses standard HTML5 video code with no javascript parameters to set up. It can also support more than one instance on a page and only allows one video to be playing at any time.
The poster image appears at the start of the video and at the end.

Tested in IE9+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, iOS, Android OS tablet, Windows wp8 smartphone (Lumia 620) and Samsung smartphone.
Smartphones and smaller tablets may have their own way of displaying the videos but they should all support the playlist feature.
Contact me for more information.